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better health for kids

No child should have to wait for health care. Temporary gaps in coverage have permanent effects on children’s lives.

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Now you have the time to build a better relationship with your doctor.

A Hamilton Health Concierge Practice

ICON Pediatrics is a concierge practice that enables physicians the time to examine your child, discuss treatment options, provide explanations and help you make the best decisions for your child’s health — when you need it.

There are no long waits. We respect your schedule. We strive to offer the convenience of same-day appointments, that start on time. Do you need some follow-up advice or have further questions? With ICON Pediatrics your physician is always available online, through email and by phone.

See the difference of concierge care at ICON Pediatrics.


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We know that many of our patients like to research their condition and treatment and look for useful resources on the internet. However, many find this a frustrating experience.

Doctor Hamilton is pleased to offer you a unique health and wellness search service for internet information that:

  • Allows you to be an intelligent efficient user of the internet for health information
  • Allows you to find resources for top health and wellness sites in one place that are relevant to your questions
  • Allows you to find resources in formats that you can "digest" and use to learn

What do you want to learn about?

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Icon Pediatrics member benefits

Membership benefits that benefit you

Longer Physician Visits

More time for examinations, clear explanations and discussions means better decisions regarding your child’s health care.


Seeing the same physician, year in and year out, means he really knows your child — and his health history.

Easier Appointments

Because our patient roster is smaller, you can get same or next-day scheduling, whether the need is urgent or routine.


Incredible access

Children don’t always get sick during business hours. So we’re available via email and phone 24/7.

Comprehensive Care

In-office treatments, screenings, and procedures never cost extra because they’re covered under the membership fee.

Peace of mind

We always take the time to research the latest treatments and advances in health care when determining next steps.

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meet dr hamilton

Meet Dr. Hamilton

Experience and the wisdom and understanding that comes with it

With Dr. Eddie D. Hamilton, you’ll be getting one of the most experienced pediatric Physicians in the state. He’s been in the business of children’s health care for 26 years. Dr. Hamilton obtained his M.D. from the Vanderbilt School of Medicine in 1985, served his residency in pediatrics at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and was licensed in 1988. He was certified by the American board of Pediatrics in 1989. Being a lifelong advocate for children’s health care led Dr. Hamilton to found, in 2009, Better Health 4Kids, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to improve the health of children through preventative medicine strategies that foster greater access to care for children and their families.

In 1990 Dr. Hamilton founded Centennial Pediatrics, P.C. It’s mission? To provide quality medical care to children and adolescents in the Nashville area, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

Under the direction of Dr. Hamilton, Centennial Pediatrics has grown to twelve centers offering multiple children’s health specialties including pediatric, dermatology, sports medicine, audiology and psychological care. Additionally, the centers offer bilingual (Spanish/English) and newborn hearing screening through Baptist Hospital.

Today, Dr. Hamilton is excited to continue his work with children in a setting even more conducive to keeping your family well: The Hamilton Health Concierge Practice, a place where the Physician’s relationship with the patient (and their moms and dads!) can develop into a true partnership.

It’s the type of unhurried service that provides more time for the kind of in-depth discussions needed to stay on top of your child’s health and well-being.

about Icon Pediatrics

About Us

It’s not really about us. It’s about you.

What’s the difference between an ICON concierge practice and the experience at most Pediatricians?

ICON Pediatrics maintains a significantly smaller roster of patients. We set aside the time needed to be as invested in your child’s health as you are. Office visits are relaxed and yet there are no overflowing waiting rooms. Our physicians understand your child’s full health history… every last scrape, sneeze and symptom. You’ll receive a level of continuity that the patient load at typical practices simply can’t provide.

Here, you have all the time you need for examinations, questions, whatever your health concern — and when you’re not here we can be reached any time of day.

Your little trailblazer climbed the kitchen cabinets at age four. Keep him focused on life’s adventures with tailored health care.

Icon Pediatrics faq

Time to ask questions. Time to have your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a “concierge” practice?

    A concierge practice, also referred to as “personal care,” is a more direct form of care that re-establishes the physician-patient relationship that is so important in the delivery of healthcare. In this model, the typical doctor cares for a limited number of children, usually between 400 and 600, rather than the usual panel of 2,000 to 3,000 or more in the traditional pediatric practice. This allows the doctor to provide more personal service and better care with the convenience for families of unlimited access to their doctor, including out of office care, such as when you are on vacation.

  • What services are provided?

    All children will receive the standard schedule of well-child visits based on the periodicity schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. In addition, children will be seen for minor, acute care visits, some medical procedures, diagnosis and treatment of school performance problems, mental health conditions and chronic illnesses. There is a special emphasis on preventive care and identification of risk factors for preventable and treatable diseases such as obesity, asthma and allergies. ICON Pediatrics also offers unique services such as Cogmed, an evidence-based program that improves working memory in children with ADD/ADHD and other school performance problems.

  • How does the program work?

    Concierge practices require parents to pay an annual or monthly membership fee. In return, patients have unlimited office visits and unlimited access to their pediatrician by phone, texting, email and other modes of electronic communication. Office visits are unhurried and untimed. The membership fee can be applied to your insurance deductible or your health savings account. Patients will still have insurance for certain medical services such as vaccines, hospital visits and surgery, but they will not have to pay a copay at the time of office visits.

  • Do I still need insurance for my child?

    Yes, there are certainly some services that will still need to be covered by insurance. If your child needs emergency care in a hospital, elective or non-elective surgery, prescription, medications, etc., you will still use insurance in the usual way. Our office staff will work closely with you to make sure that you fully understand how your insurance will still work for you.

  • Does that mean that my child’s care will now be even more expensive?

    In most cases, it means just the opposite. With ICON Pediatrics’ personal concierge service, you will most likely spend less per child on healthcare. If you child has an acute illness requiring multiple visits, you will not have to pay a copay each time you come in for care. Because of the close and personal relationship with Dr. Hamilton, it is rare that you will feel the need to go to an emergency room or urgent care facility after hours or on weekends saving you thousands of dollars for a single visit. In addition, your close, personal relationship with a single provider will likely result in fewer expensive and sometimes unnecessary lab tests or procedures. Studies have also shown that concierge doctors are less inclined to prescribe medications when calm reassurance and a good listener are all that are required to help you and your child recover from an acute illness.

  • My child is healthy and only goes to the doctor once a year for a physical. Is a concierge pediatrician really necessary?

    Absolutely! Healthcare today is comprehensive and focuses on much more than just the physical health of your child. The pediatrician is there for you to address the social, emotional, educational and even spiritual needs of your youngster from birth to college. Because you never know when the unexpected will present itself, you need an ongoing relationship with your pediatrician. As your child reaches adolescence, that relationship needs to transition to the child and their doctor, gradually, as we prepare for the eventual moment when she leaves for college. In the concierge model, it is very unlikely that you will only have contact with your doctor once a year. You will have the comfort of knowing that you and your older child can contact your doctor at any time for most any reason because your child is an exclusive member of ICON Pediatrics. Healthcare is personal, and it should feel that way.

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