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Is Melatonin Helpful for Children with Eczema? 12-10-15

As a pediatrician offering Concierge Medicine, I am asked quite often about the challenges of sleep in children with severe atopic dermatitis or eczema. As many of you have experienced, children with eczema have trouble getting to sleep because of their itching. In addition, these children also have a tendency to scratch even while sleeping and as a result their eczema severity increases because of this vicious “scratch-itch” cycle. I recently read a review of a study that considered the use of Melatonin supplements as a safe and effective way to give relief to children with eczema.

My Child Won’t Eat! – Healthy Eating Habits for Life 11-26-15

One of the most common concerns voiced by new parents is how to get their kids to eat healthy foods. Children need more than just calories. The rapidly developing brain needs protein; fatty acids; iron; zinc; copper; iodine; selenium; vitamin A; vitamin B6; choline and folate just to name a few essential ingredients that come from proper nutrition. In the long-term, proper eating habits from infancy will carry on to adulthood and protect us from disease and disability.

Are You Smarter Than… What’s All the Fuss About IQ Scores? 11-19-15

Often parents ask me about the significance of achievement tests and IQ scores. These tests are here to stay and they have a great influence on our children and their hopes and dreams. What can be done to enhance a child’s intelligence and are we harming our children with all this emphasis on whether they are “smart”.

Should We Remove Tackling from Youth Football Leagues? 11-12-15

At the recent American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) conference in Washington, D.C., experts from the Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness presented the results of their analysis of the risks and severity of injuries in children aged 5 to 15 who participate in youth tackle football leagues. Because of the increased awareness of serious head injuries and long term complications in professional football players, many parents have begun to question whether or not to allow their children to participate in youth football. There has also been an increase in the participation of “flag” football programs before advancing to traditional football.

Preparing for the Flu Season 11-05-15

This week’s communication will focus on influenza and the influenza vaccine in anticipation of the upcoming flu season. We now have flu vaccine in stock for all of our patients that should receive it. Please note the important information below and call the office at (615) 647-8282 to schedule an appointment at your convenience.